Dublin + Rain + Joyce

A year ago, I was the only person walking through St. Stephen’s Green early on a rainy Saturday, my first morning in Ireland. It was the wettest, coldest August on record, with flooding across Ireland. Every Dubliner I met accused me of bringing Seattle weather with me. I loved it.

James Joyce bust in St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland

After my flight over from London the night before, the only place still serving food was Eddie Rocket’s. Much less photogenic than a moist Joyce. When I ordered my veggie burger and fries, it just felt wrong that this was going to be my first meal on the Emerald Isle. But when the burger arrived with beets on it, the fries were served by the Polish waitstaff in a bowl (with knife and fork), and a crowd of Spaniards piled into the booth behind me, I felt a long way from home.

And that’s a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Dublin + Rain + Joyce

  1. Ha! Well spotted. I actually think I kicked that pattern a couple of years ago, but I did recently decide to invest some occasional time in keeping andrew-becraft.com more current.


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